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Table of Contents 

Seniors, 18 

Parent Messages,.... 54 

Underclass, 72 

Student Life 80 

Special Events, 92 

Faculty 108 

Activities 120 



vv As a graduating senior, I see the doors that have opened for me 
as a resident of Boston. Simmons has provided many opportuni- I 
ties, but living in Boston has made those opportunities available 
and attainable." I 

-Michele A. Bourgeois Class of 1 999 

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"I have enjoyed Boston, not only 
because of Simmons College, 
but also because of the life out- 
side of the classroom. 

-Rebecca Williamson 

Class of 1 999 

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"My father and I would 
always look forward to a 
day at Fenway. When he 
was a boy growing up, he 
could only fantisize about 
actually conning to Boston 
to see a game. Those 
games were always spe- 
cial times for us." 

-Alicia Landolfi 
Class of 1 999 

"Boston is also an educational environment. I have attended plays at 
the Wang Center, visited exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, and taken 
historical tours around the city." 



-Michele A. Bourgeois 
Class of 1 999 








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Dedication Letter 

by Alicia Londolfi 

We, the class of 1 999, dedicate this year's Microcosm yearbook to two outstanding 
women who are an inspiration to many of the students who have had the opportunity to 
partake in their classroomes. They are Doctors Lynda Moore and Bonita Betters-Reed of 
the Management Department. 

The significance of being surrounded and taught by professors who are talented at 
what they do and very dedicated to what they do is something that is immeasurable. 
This is what these two women contribute to the Simmons community. They are dedi- 
cated to the advancement and leadership of women in business and management. By 
being awarded the 1998 Small Business Association Women in Business Advocate of the 
Year Award for Massachusetts and New England, they have illustrated what women in 
business are actually capable of. The female students of the Simmons community are 
very fortunate to have such role models. Thank you Professors Moore and Betters- Reed. 


"She went on and on. She remembered the night she swam far out and 
recalled the terror that seized her at the fear of being unable to regain 
the shore. She did not look back now, but went on and on..." i 

Kate Chopia The Awakening 

ottering the Surfac 


Every year you can feel the sense of 
excitement, restlessness, and sheer terror 
that surrounds the senior class. Believe it or 
not, you've made it! Congratulations and 
best of luck. We hope that you look back 
fondly on the friends made and lessons 
learned during your years at Simmons. 
Come back to visit us soon! 

Jeannine E Abrahan 

Lawrence, MA 
Finance & Marketing 
Social Chair for Organization 

Lara Adler 

Westport, CT 

Priscilla James Albangbe 

Abia State, Nigeria 
Human Services 

LaAlaa A Al-Mufarrej 

Boston, MA 

Nutrition & Foodservice Management 


Wilmette, IL 


Amnesty International 

Simmons Voice 

Biopsychology Liaison 

Felt the healing in her fingertips It burned 

like fire This burning desire I have spoken 

with the tongue of angels I have held 

the hand of a devil I was cold as a stone 

But I still haven't found What I'm looking 

for. (U2) 

I can't change the directions of the 

wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach 

my destination. - J. Dean 

Katherine E Allen 

Stratham, NH 

Communications Sociology Minor 
"Life is no brief candle to me, it is a sort 
of bright torch which I have got hold of 
for a moment and I want to make it burn 
as brightly as possible ..." - George 
Bernard Shaw 

ZA, JB, KG-you are such great friends 
and I love you dearly. We've shared so 
much these four years. I'll never forget 
the good times or the hard times, I love 
you mom & dad, Molly, Richie and 
Matt. Thanks for always being supportive 
and for always being there. 


Elizabeth Alvarez 

Boston, MA 

"I am not african. Africa is in me, but I 
cannot return. I am not taina. Taino is in 
me, but there is no way back. I am not 
european. Europe lives in me, but I have 
no home there. I am new. History made 
me. My first language was Spanglish. I 
was born at the crossroads and I am 
whole." - Hurora Levins Morales 

Suzy G Amor 

Rocky Hill, CT 

Maria G Anderson 

Fitchburg, MA 

Physical Therapy 

Varsity Crew 

Mesick Hall Council, Treasurer 

"Like the seagull and the sea, we have 

been forever. Floating high and drifting 

free, coming together, in harmony." - 

The Simon-Taylor Family 

'I 1 / 


Katherine Armoutsoglou 

Waterford, CT 

Economics & Management 

Campus Activities Board 

Judicial Board 

Hall Council 

Hellenic Association 

Big Sister 

Student Government Association 

Mom, Dad, Stella-thank you for being 

there and supporting everything I do. I 

love you. Nira-I love you like a sister. 

Jen-You've been my sanity. Jenn-Follow 

your heart. Jamie-Don't forget us. MS, 

AL, DP, JS, SA, RW, AS, KP - thank you for 

all the great years. I love ya! 

Christine Azevedo 

Franklin, MA 

Stephanie R Baillargeon 

North Smithfiel, Rl 


Linda Banks 

Transfer Liaison 

Fatima Barbosa 

Roxbury, MA 


Caitlin E. Barritt 

Burlington, VT 

Physical Therapy 

South Hall Council, Treasurer, 


Outing Club, Treasurer, President 

Evans Hall, President 

Orientation Leader 


Beth A. Beuregard 

Webster, MA 

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy Liaison, Treasurer 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins 

with a first step." - Lao-Tzu 

Danielle L. Bedard 

Sandwich, MA 



Ambassador Program '98 

Senior Student Interviewer '98 

Mesick Hall Council, Vice-President 


Management Liaison '97-'98 

Crew '95 

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning 

how to sail my ship." -Louisa May Alcott 

Charlotte G. Bellows 

Hancock, ME 
Physical Therapy 


Amy E. Beston 

South Weymouth, MA 

Thank you mom, dad, my entire family, 
Rhonda and Froggie, Barbara (who kept 
me singing), Mr. Cavanaugh (for 
stimulating conversations), Mike (the 
best friend and confident in the entire 
universe), Kristin (my special friend for 
fifteen years), Chris (for being you), and 
all the others who have supported me. I 
am blessed to have all of you in my life. 

Julie J. Bilgor 

Milford, CT 

Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy 

Liaison, Secretary, Senior Class Gift 

Committee, Co-Chair, Dean's List 

Children's & Deaconess Hospital 

Volunteer, Outing Club, Student Phone 


"Don't hurry, don't worry. You're only here 

for a short visit. So be sure to stop and 

smell the flowers." -W. Hagen 

Thank you mom and dad for all of your 

dedicated support, strength, and 

wisdom. I could not have done it without 

you! Love, Julie 

Andara J. Biodolillo 

Maspeth, Queens, NY 

Lesbian, Bisexual & Allies Association, President 
'97, Secretary '98, Softball 97-98 
"I make a great difference between people. I 
choose my friends for fheir good looks, my 
acguaintances for their good characters, and 
my enemies for their good intellects. I have 
not got one who is a fool. They are all men of 
intellectual power, and conseguently they all 
appreciate me. Is that very vain of me? I think 
it is rather vain." -The Picture of Dorian Gray 
Oscar Wilde 

Brooke E Blackwell 

Old Town, ME 

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy Liaison, Vice President 

"Obstacles are those frightful things you 

see when you take your eyes off your 

goal." -Henry Ford 

Elizabeth K Blake 

Middletown, CT 


Volleyball, Captain 

Evans Hall Council, Social Chair 

Simmons Voice, Sports Editor 

Student Athlete's Council 

Valerie M Boisvert 

Portsmouth, NH 
Women's Studies 
Simmons Community Outreach 
You gain strength, courage, and 
confidence by every experience which 
you must stop and look fear in the face. 
You must do the thing you think you 
cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt 
Thanks to Dad, Mom, Kristine, and Mike 
for supporting me these four years. I love 


Sarah A Bolus 

Pittsfield, MA 
Physical Therapy 

Michele A Bourgeois 

Morrisville, VT 
Accounting & Marketing 
Bacchus, Treasurer (2 years) 
Resident Advisor (3 years) 
National Dean's List Ricipient 
Convisor Duffy Representative for 
Simmons College 
Summer Resident Advisor (2 years) 

Ally son R Boutote 

Scarborough, ME 

International Relations & Economics 

Gwendolyn B Bradley 

Ossipee, NH 

Physical Therapy 

Cross Country (I, II) 

Track (I) 

Swim Team (l-IV), Captain (IV) 

Physical Therapy Liaison (ll-IV) 


Senior-Faculty Toast, Chair 

Senior Class Gift, Chair 

Epp Pluss Brecht 

Medford, MA 

Anne Marie Brochu 

Torrington, CT 


Debate Team, President 

Philosophy Liaison, President 


1 '^Bs.* 

.■mm ^ w 'Nmm 

^* 1 '^Wm 

J5r "J '-v, 




Aileen M Brown 

Highlands Ranch, CO 

Molly L Brown 

Searsport, ME 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Kritika Bulsook 

Boston, MA 


Asian Student Association 

Economics Liaison 

Terri L Burns 

Lowell, MA 

Tammy J Burton 

Berwick, ME 
English Education 

Rebecca J Campbell 

West Roxbury, MA 


Janet M Capachietti 

East Boston, MA 

Linda S Cashman 

Marshfield Hill, MA 
Nutrition Liaison 

Alexa Chamay 

Geneva, Switzerland 
Society and Health 

Mouna Chammaa 

Boston, MA 

Marnie M Chaves 

Barnstable, MA 
Nursing & Spanish 

Shu-Dan Chen 

Boston, MA 

Management Information Systems 


Aimee E Chevrette 

Milford, CT 

VanEssa Lyn Childs 

Boxboro, MA 

Public Relations & Marketing 


Samantha M Chiu 

Quincy, MA 

Sylvia Eileen Coburn 

Arlington, MA 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Kimberly Leanne Collins 

Millburn, NJ 
English & French 
Sirens (A Capella Group) 
Art & Music Liaison 
Writing Tutor 

Charity E Cox 

Concord, NH 

Public Relations & Marketing 


Sirens Music Director 

Gospel Choir 


Leticia Cruz 

Boston, MA 


Black Student Association 

Carribean Culture Association 

Megan E Daley 

Sandy Hook, CT 
Education & History 

Danielle D Damato 

Westford, MA 
Physical Therapy 

Gargi Dasgupta 


Melissa L Deasy 

Rocky Hill, CT 


Class of 1 999, President '97-99, Vice 

President '95-97 

Dance Club, Secretary 


Psychology Liaison 

Orientation Leader 

Orientation Coordinator 

Theatrical Society 

Debate Team 

Renee J Desmarais 

Haverhill, MA 
Physical Therapy 


Leslie Ann Donaldson 

Denver, CO 
Education & Psychology 

Christine Lynn Dube 

Turner, ME 

Pre-Medical & Biology 
Judicial Board 
Student Council, Secretary 

Eucharia O Ejiofor 

Everett, MA 

Karoline Aline Eschwey 

Edina, MN 

Bridget Fangueiro 

New Bedford, MA 

Public Relations & Marketing 


Jennifer Farabaugh 

Wheeling, WV 


History Liaison 


Honor Board 

Boston Read Tutor 

Judicial Board Representative 


Carrie S Feldman 

West Warwick, Rl 

Human Services & Sociology 

Elizabeth Zoe Ferranti 

Paso Robles, CA 

Sharon J. H. Ffrench 

Manchester Parish, Jamaica W.I. 


Greenwood Elementary School Tutor 

Melissa A Finn 

Halifax, MA 


Senior Gift Committee 

Nursing Pinning Ceremony Committee 

Krista M Fiorentino 

Milford, CT 
Physical Therapy 

Kristina L Folckemer 

West Boylston, MA 


Biology Liaison, President 


Haley Dawn Freeman 

New York, NY 

Education & Mathematics 

Transfer Liaison, President 

Lesbian, Bisexual & Allies Association, 




Anne Catherine Funk 

Concord, NH 

Early Childhood Education & Sociology 

Diana Kathleen Gamache 

Manchester, NH 

Physical Therapy 

Student Ambassador (2 years) 

Varsity Crew, Co-Captain (2 years) 

Catholic Student Organization (1 year) 

Physical Therapy Student Liaison 

Crew (4 years) 

Carrie Gardner 

Mexico, ME 

Computer Science 

Class Council, Vice President '97-99, 

Secretary '95-97 

Math & Computer Science Liaison, 

Treasurer '97-98, Member '98-99 

Orientation Leader '96-98 

Academy '98-99 

Leah S Gardner 

Weatogue, CT 

Erica G Garrett 

Rocky Hill, CT 


Krittika Ghosh 

New York, NY 

Sociology & Women's Studies 


Arab League '95-97 

Chorale, President '97-98 

Model United Nations, President '97-98 

International Student Association, 

Member '96-98 

Dix Hall Council, Secretary '96-97 

Jennifer A Gillis 

Norwood, MA 

Physical Therapy 

Field Hockey, Captain (1 , 2, 3) 

Commuter Student Organization (1,2) 

Student Athlete's Council (2, 3) 

Physical Therapy Club (3, 4) 

Erika Jean Guptill 

East MacHias, ME 
Physical Therapy 

Catherine A Gurian 

Haverhill, MA 

Rachel A Haase 

Burlington, VT 

Computer Science & Economics 

Economics Liaison, Treasurer '97-98, 

President '98-99 

Sailing Team '96-97 

Math & Computer Science Liaison 

Jennifer R Hall 

Lowell, MA 


Amy E Harrington 

Phippsburg, ME 

Nora A Harris 

Fairfield, CT 
Physical Therapy 

Lisa M Harrison 

Gloucester, MA 


Student Government Association, 

President '99 

Tennis, '95-99, Captain '97-99 

Organizacion Latinoamericana '95-99 

Lillian V Haskell 

Brockton, MA 


Commuter Student Organization 

Commuter Student Advisor 

Order of the Rainbow for Girls Intern 

Eastern Star, & King Richard's Faire 

Megan Lynn Herald 

East Falmouth, MA 
Finance & Management 
Smith Hall Council 
Volleyball, Captain 
Women's Issues Site Coordinator 
Athletes Council 

Manna Heshe 

Brookline, MA 


Jennifer L Higgins 

Gorham, ME 

Society & Health 

Simmons Community Outreach, 

Treasurer & Publicity Representative 

Christine Hogan 

Bellingham, MA 
Psychology & Education 
Orientation Leader Summer '98 

Laura Hendricks Holllster 

Mountainside, NJ 

Computer Science & Elementary 


Swim Team 

Ayako Honda 

Tokyo, Japan 



International Student Organization, 


Chemistry Liaison, Treasurer 

Donna Marie Irish 

Rumford, ME 

Nanako Iwamoto 

Management & Marketing 


Cynthia Leigh Jaar 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Karen Gale Jacobsen 

Hingham, MA 


Nutrition Liaison, Vice President '98-99 

Melinda M Johansen 

Cohasset, MA 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Shaneek D Johnson 

Brockton, MA 

Lauren M Kahalas 

Chestnut Hill, MA 

Sara M Kalbko 

Chicopee, MA 

Physical Therapy 

Student Alumnae Association, President 

Swim Team 1995-1996 

Physical Therapy, Student representative 

Community Service Floor '96-98 

Hall Council, Vice President '96-97 


Shoshana E Kase-Mock 

Seattle, WA 
Women's Studies 

Japhia M Kendall 

Catonsville, MD 


Psychology Liaison, Treasurer 

Kimberly L Koch 

Hyannis, MA 

Art & Special Needs Education 

Jessi Kraus 

Brattleboro, VT 

Political Science & Sociology 

Beverly Y Kwok 

Maiden, MA 


SummerFall Orientation Leader 

Hall Council, Social Chair '97-98, Vice 

President '98-99 

Alicia Anita Landolf i 

Hamden, CT 


Microcosm, Business Manager '98-99 

Student Government Association, 

Publicity Representative '96 

Student Tutor, Italian '97-98 


S. Whitney Lannen 

Dallas, TX 

Jennifer A Lapointe 

Westboro, MA 

Heather Elisabeth Leeper 

Hochspeyer, Germany 
Women's Studies 

Amanda E Lefort 

Attleboro, MA 

English & Education 

Simmons Chorale, Microcosm '98 

Kristen M Lentini 

Foxboro, MA 



Julita Kim Leo 

Dorchester, MA 
Human Services 


Marisa J Leykam 
Chatham, NJ 
Physical Therapy 
Student Athlete's Council 



^^^^^^^PWI^^^^B . 

"* '■■ 1 : - 

Mu Zhen Li 

Boston, MA 

Management Information 

Carrie J Libby 

Westbrook, ME 


Jennifer C Lussier 

Fall River, MA 


Outing Club 

Catholic Student Association 

South Hall Council, President 

Mr. Simmons Chairwoman 

'99 Days Left' Chairwoman 


Ute Klockmann-Lutjens 

Belmont, MA 


Melanie Anastasia Mace 

Brookline, MA 



Sarah Elizabeth Mac Roberts 

Portland, ME 


Theresa Rose Mantica 

Albany, NY 

Political Science & 

Christy MMcCallum 

Central Falls, Rl 


fym- v-. m 

y -' 

•£».» 7 





Bridget Eileen McCarthy 

Northampton, MA 

Early Childhood Education 
& Sociology 

Gwen Adrienne Mclnnes 

Westbrook, ME 
Physical Therapy 

Ellis C McKay 

Mashpee, MA 

Physical Therapy 
Field Hockey 


Moira L McTigue 

Hyannis, MA 

Intensive Special Needs, Secondary 

Education & English 


Student Activities Intern 


Student Government, Secretary 

Campus Crusade for Christ, Treasurer & 

Vice President 

English Liaison, Treasurer 

Jennifer F Meister 

Brooklyn, NY 
Chorale, President 

Kristin M Micalchuck 

PeaPody, MA 
Accounting & Finance 

Michaela Miller 

CamPridge, MA 
GloPal Management 
Transfer Consultant 
Management Liaison, Treasurer 

Kristin A Mohr 

Scotia, NY 
Physical Therapy 
Athlete's Council 

Helen Yuiching Mok 

Brookline, MA 

PuPlic Relations & Marketing 



Rachel D Morgan 

Atlanta, GA 
English & Art History 
English Liaison 
Class Senator 

Kimberly M Morrell 

Portland, ME 

Sociology & Human Services 

Sailing Team 

Simmons Community Outreach 

Hall Council, Secretary 

Catholic Campus Ministry 

Lorato T Mosetlhi 

Physical Therapy 

Ana F Moura 

New Bedford, MA 


Resident Advisor 

Nursing Pinning Committee 

Mephon P Ngan 

Waltham, MA 

Kazuko Numata 

Kurashiki city, Okayama, Japan 
Economics & International Relations 



Veronica Ogbutor 

Alexis B Ortiz 

Chicopee, MS 

Maiden, MA 

Wellesley, MA 

Women's Studies & Sociology 




Feminist Union, President 



Elizabeth A Papagni 

Los Altos Hills, CA 

Psychology & Women's Studies 

South Hall, Wellness Chair 

Women's Center 

Feminist Union 

Sigma Xi 

Psi Chi 


Honors Degree in Psychology 

Jill M Partridge 

Bangor, ME 

Accounting & Finance 
Basketball (II, III, IV) 

Jocasta A Pascual 

Methuen, MA 
Finance & Marketing 


Falguni J Patel 

Randolph, MA 
International Student Association 

Merin Alethea Perretta 

Newton, MA 
Society & Health 

\ * 

Mary Perrin 

Dorchester, MA 

Annmarie Petrozzelli 

Haverhill, MA 

Elementary Education & History 

Jaime A Philip 

Carver, MA 
Physical Therapy 
Amnesty International 
Physical Therapy Liaison 

Donna Maria Pina 

Central Falls, Rl 


Student Business Manager 

Class of 1 999, Treasurer 

Organizacion Latinoamericana, 



Jennifer M Quinn 

Rochester, NY 
Physical Therapy 

Stacey L Pizzano 

Revere, MA 

Communication & Psychology 

Gia Shree Randall 

Los Angeles, CA 

Jacqueline F Ray 

Westboro, MA 

Nydia Evelyn Reed 

Cambridge, MA 


Jaime L Reese 

East Bridgewater, MA 


Natalie V Resca 

Saugus, MA 

Andrea M Rideaux 

Mattapoisett, MA 
Elementary Education 

Ann L Ritch 

East Sandwich, MA 
Retail Management 

Genda Roach 

Dorchester, MA 

Catherine Konold Roche 

Chatham, NJ 


Math & Computer Science Liaison, 


Mary M Roderick 

Fairhaven, MA 
International Relations 
Simmons Community Outreach 


Sydney M Rowe 

Rumford, ME 

Human Services & Sociology 

Abbie V Russo 

Worcester, MA 

Jaclyn R Salvaggio 

Falmouth, ME 

Art & Graphic Design 

Anita Nishikant Samant 

Bombay, India 
Physical Therapy 
International Student Association 
Model United Nations 

Stephanie Rae Schofield 

Gorham, NH 

Kathryn G Schreiber 

Anchorage, AK 


Christine Elizabeth Scripps 

Loudonville, NY 

Elementary Education & History 

Class Secretary 

Dance Team 



Laura M Shimberg 

Melrose, MA 

Nira Farid Esmat Shunbo 

Cairo, Egypt 

Global Management & Marketing 

Melissa Ann Simone 

Hamden, CT 

Sociology & African American Studies 

Dean's List 

America Reads Program 

Kerry A Skamarakas 

Everett, MA 

Adrienne E. Smith 

San Diego, CA 


Student Government, Academic Affairs 

Officer '97-99 

Black Student Organization, President 

'97-98, Social Chair '95-97 

Resident Advisor '96-99 


Joanne Steide 

Allston, MA 


Hall Council, Treasurer 

Sara E Streeter 

Boston, MA 
Economics & Finance 
Economics Liaison, Co-President 
Chair of Career Night, '98 


Somerset, MA 

Music & Arts Administration 

Sarah B Taylor 

Wakefield, Rl 
English Education 

Erin R Thacker 

Seekonk, MA 

Jevon Thompson 

Framingham, MA 


Dilsa M Torlbio 

Lawrence, MA 
Finance & Management 
Vice President of Organizacion 
Latinoamericana '98 '99 

Caitlin D Tramel 

Minneapolis, MN 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Amy Lynn Turgeon 

Sanford, ME 


Field Hockey (1,2) 

Nursing Pinning Committee (4) 

Yu Usui 

Brookline, MA 

Monica Ssubhash Vaidya 

Brattleboro, VT 

Brooksany K Vetter 

Portsmouth, NH 
Graphic Design 
Varsity Crew, Captain 


Shannon Maria Wallace 

Lexington, KY 

Physical Therapy 


Campus Crusade for Christ, President 


Nina Lauren Ware 

Mountain Lakes, NJ 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Natasha C Weeks 

Boston, MA 


Student Government Association, 

Academic Affairs Officer '96-97 

Black Student Association '95-97 

Student Government Association, Vice 

President '97 

Hannah E Weinberg 

Needham, MA 

Anne Gail Weinberger 

Gulf Breeze, FL 

Cori M Wheelden 

Bangor, ME 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Junior Class Senator 

Crew '95-96 

Senior Class Senator 

Salute To Our Male Role Models 

Weekend, Co-Chair '97 

Salute To Our Male Role Models 

Weekend, Chair '99 


Rebecca Lynn Williamson 

Stratford, CT 


Microcosm, Editor In Chief '98-99 

Black Student Organization '95-99 

Mesick Hall Council '95-96 

Student Government Association '96-98 

Student Business Manager '96-97 

Resident Advisor '97-99 

Economics Liaison '96-99 

Elizabeth H Willoughby 

Donellen, NJ 

MLS - Library Science 

Jamie LWitholt 

Amherst, MA 

Mahlet Woldemariam 

Brookline, MA 
Art & Biology 

Samantha Marie Wood 

Winchester, MA 
Economics & Sociology 

Katie Beth Wright 

Fall River, MA 


Jennifer YYIm 

Glen Rock, NJ 
Communications & Economics 

Caitlin J Young 

Needham, MA 

Elementary Education & Sociology 

Elizabeth KZiepniewski 

Somewhere in Rl 

Marketing & Finance 

Sailing Team ("We miss you, Jack.") 


Semester at Sea ("1 1 5 days around the 



Class Officers 

Class Of 1999 

Class of '99 Officers (from left to right): Donna Pina - Treasurer, Carrie Gardner - Secretary, Melissa Deasy - President, Christine Scripps - V. President. 

Class Of 2000 

Class of '00 Officers (from left to right): Kristin Bala - Vice President, SooJie Hwang - President, Kimberly Bacon - Treasurer, Cindy Wong - Secretary. 


"A certain ungovernable dread hung about her when in the water 
unless there was a hand near by that might reach out and reassure 
her. " 

-Kate Chopin, The Awakening 

Bon Voyage 

Friends and family play a big part in 
our Simmons career. As shown in the 
following section, they offer support, 
guidance and inspiration. 

Lisa Harrison 


Congratulations on your 
graduation. Your success as 
co-captain of the tennis 
team, your success as presi- 
dent of the Student Govern- 
ment Association, and your 
success in becoming a strong, 
bright, and caring woman 
makes us proud. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and 

Moira McTigue 

Dear Moira 

Follow your dreams and you 

will fulfill your expectations with 

pride and satisfaction. We are 

so very proud of you and your 

accomplishments. We cannot 

wait to see what you have to 

dazzle us with in the future. 

We love you 

Mom, Dad, and Patrick 

Congratulations, Anne Funk 

You did it! 

Good work, Anne 

We 're so proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Adrienne Smith, 


Love and Best 


Now and Forever, 

Mom and Dad 

Nicole Canziani 
mi amor- - 

"On with the dance, let 
joy be unconfined. " 

Me llenas, me vacias, me 

Always and more, jdc 

Christine Hogan 

Dear Christine, 

Congratulations! We're so proud of 

everything you've accomplished and 

especially for the wonderful person 

you've become. 

All Our Love, 
Mom, Pops, & Casey 

Marisa Leykam 


Congratulations we are all 
proud of you. 
Follow your dreams! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Chris, Peter, 
and your Dog Glen 


Melissa Lynn Deasey 

Melissa Lynn, 

From the shadows of , 
quiet determination 
you have blossomed 
into the radiant sun- 
shine of self-assured 
confidence. You have 
embraced life with a passion that ex- 
udes compassion and respect for all 
others. We are so very proud of you and 
all that you represent. Melissa, always 
believe in yourself be good to yourself 
and take life slow... With all our love 

Mom, Dad, Adria, & Ann-Marie 

Carrie Libby 

We have al- 
ways known 
how special 
you are. We 
are so very proud of you. 


Mum, Dad, Gabrielle, 


Alicia Landolfi 

Congratulations Alicia! 
Your determination, hard work, and persever- 
ance has brought you to this special day and 
the beginning of your dreams. We are so proud 
of you! 

You lit up our lives 22 years ago and that light 
will forever shine. We wish you love, health, 
happiness, and success! 
God Bless You. Love, 
Mom and Dad. 

To our sister Alicia, 

Congratulations! We know you will be successful 

in everything you do. We love you and miss 


Katie and Lauren 

To my granddaughter Alicia, 
Your life is really beginning now! I'm so proud of 
you and know you can go as far as you want. 
Go get y em! 

To Danielle, 

The best Daughter two 
parents could ever hope 
for! We 're very proud of 
you and of all of your 


We Love You 
Mom & Dad 

Kimberly Collins 

Congratulations Kimberly! 

There is a wonderful future that awaits 
you but make certain that you don 't 
miss any good things along the way. 

Mom and Dad 

Erica Mantone 

"What lies behind us 
and what lies before us 
are tiny matters com- 
pared to what lies within 

- Ralph Waldo 
I love you Duckie, Bub 

Shannon Wallace 

From your first day of first 
grade in St. Louis, MO 
through high school in Lex- 
ington, KY and your years 
at Simmons, you have 
worked hard and accom- 
plished much. 
We love you and are proud 
of you. 
Mom and Dad 

Gwen Mclnnes 

For Gwen, 

A Weaver 

Barbara L Thomas 


o disturbing 
choosing the 


the pattern 
should continue 

the shuttle 

and rose from 
the loom 

clothed in 
beauty of her 


All My Love, 

Lauren Kahalas 

"To climb 
steep hills re- 1 

slow pace an 
first. " 


Our hearts are 

filled with love 

and pride. 

Mom, Dad, and I 


Gwendolyn Bradley 

Thanks for be- 
ing our kid, 

Joe & Trish 

Dear Class of 1 999, 

Congratulations, WE HAVE FINALLY MADE IT!!!! 

For some of us it has taken longer than 4 years, 
but in the end it has been worth it. 

I have watched most of you grow from 
Freshwomen who were not sure that Simmons 
was the right place for you, to Seniors who are 
looking ahead toward your very bright futures. 

I know so many of you; from classes I have 
taken with you, from being the person who 
handed out your paychecks, to finally the per- 
son who you harassed regarding your refund 
from Student Accounts. 

I have seen a number of classes before us 
graduate, but I think this one is the best. 

I will look at this yearbook over the years and 
always remember the Class of 1 999 very fondly. 


Sarah A. Baun '99 

Sylvia Coburn 

Hi Muchkin: 

This photo 

seems like 

yesterday. I 

cauldn 't be 

prouder of the 
woman you 

have become. 

May your life be filled with the love, 

happiness and success you so richly 

deserve, and have worked so hard 

to achieve. 



Charity Cox 

To Charity - 

Another Simmons 
grad in the family! 
We are so proud of 
the lovely woman 
you have become: 
We love you! 

Will Nate, Jeremy, 

Dad and Nancy 


Aimee Chevrette 

Aimee, on all your ac- 
complishments - We 
are proud of you and 
wish you joy and suc- 
cess in all your future 


Pepere, Grandma and 



You did it with style - look 
at all you've achieved! 
We 're so proud of you - 
special congrats on be- 
ing a Fulbright nominee. 
We wish you much hap- 
piness in the future - as 
much as you've given us. 

Love, j 

Mom and Dad 

Catherine Roche 


You are a terrific young woman. Your 
brothers, Dad and I are very proud of 
you and your accomplishments. The 
following Irish Blessing expresses all our 
best wishes for you and your future. 

May the road rise up to meet you 

May the wind be always at your 


May the sun shine warm upon your 


May the rain fall softly on your fields, 

And my God hold you always in the 

palm of his hands. 

With love, 

Dad, Mom, Matt & Richie 

To our Buffy, 
Our little girl is all 
grown up . . . 
We ore so proud of 
you . . . 

We love you always 

Mom and Dad 

Melissa Simone 

Dear Melissa, It seems just like 
yesterday you were trying to decide 
what college to attend. Four years 
have passed by so quickly. You 
have grown into such a beautiful 
young woman. Melissa, you will 
excel in what ever you choose to 
do. Not only do you have self 
determination but so much 
compassion for others. Always 
keep reaching for those stars and 
may all your dreams come true. 
We are all so proud of you honey. 
Love you always, Mom, Dad, 
Ralphie and Brooke 

f- -J 


Rachel Danielle Morgan 

We do not wish you 
riches nor the glow 
of greatness, 

but that wherever you go 
some weary heart 
shall gladden at your smile 
or shadowed life 
know sunshine for a while. 

And so your path 

shall be a track of light 
like angels' footsteps 
passing through the night. 

Adapted from words on a Church in 
Upwalthum, England 


What wonderful memories we'll 
always treasure of our time 

You've always been able to: 

*find sunshine on a cloudy 


*bring love to those who felt 


*create unsuspection smiles 

on faces of all ages. 

Our lives and world are a better 
place because of you. 

Mom, Dad and Sarah Morgan 

"The foamy wavelets curled up to her white feet and coiled like ser- 
pents about her ankles. She walked out. The water was chili but she 
lifted her white body and reached out with a long, sweeping stroke. " 

-Kate Chopin, The Awakening 



AP Photo/John Gaps III 


^ujust 7, powerful 
explode outside the 
tibassies in Kenya 
and Tanzania killing 248 
people, including 12 
Americans, and injuring 
more than 5,000. 

O NASA and Russia will conduct 45 missions to 
launch and assemble the International Space 
Station Alpha. Set for completion by 2004, the 
station will be powered by almost an acre of solar 
panels and will weigh almost one million pounds. 

G President Clinton becomes the first U.S. 
leader to visit China since the Tiananmen 
Square massacre in 1989. Many criticize 
Clinton for his apparent leniency toward 
China's human rights restrictions. 

Hurricane Mitch 
ravages parts of 
Central America 
and kills more than 
10,000 people, 
making it the 
second deadliest 
storm in the 
region's history. 

q On January 1, 1999, the euro debuts as the new 
currency in 11 European Common Market countries. 
It will be three more years before euro coins and 
cash are officially put into circulation. 

John Hume and David Trimble, Northern 
Ireland's two main political party 
leaders, win the Nobel Peace Prize for 
their efforts to end the violence that 
has plagued the British province for 
three decades. 

After a stop in Mexico City in January 
1999, Pope John Paul II arrives in 
St. Louis, Missouri, and celebrates 
Mass with over 100,000 people 
in attendance. 

In January 1999, an earthquake that 
measures 6.0 on the Richter scale hits 
Colombia killing over 1,000 people. 

King Hussein of Jordan, 63, dies on 
February 7, 1999, of lymphatic cancer. 
Hussein's 47-year reign made him the 
Middle East's longest-serving leader. 



C Convicted killer Martin Gurule escapes death row and is later 
drowned in a nearby river. Gurule is the first Texas inmate to 
death row since 1934. 

© President Clinton becomes the second 
president in history to be impeached. 
The House of Representatives charges 
him with two counts of obstruction I 
of justice and perjury. The Senate | 
acquits Clinton after a five-week trial, f 

C The U.S. Treasury unveils a new $20 
bill designed to be much harder to 

counterfeit and more capable^ ; 
^4 " of withstanding heavy abuse 

O A massive Millennium Clock in New York City's 
garment district counts dam the days, hours, 
minutes and seconds to the year 2000. 

© President Clinton declares the entire state of Florida a disaster area 
after fires burn over 300,000 acres and damage or destroy 150,000 homes 

50 years of work. \ 

ace of Crazy Horse \ 
is revealed at the South \ 
Dakota monument. When \ 
completed, the memorial, 
carved out of a mountain, will 
be the largest sculpture in the world 


© Sixteen of the 24 glass beads that historians 
believe were used to buy Manhattan Island from 
Native Indians in 1626 are donated to the Indian 
Museum of North America located at the Crazy 
Horse Memorial. 

O In June, African-American James Byrd 
Jr., 49, is chained to the back of a truck 
and dragged to his death in Jasper, 
Texas, by three men, two of whom have 
ties to white supremacists. 

AP Photo/Crazy Horse Memorial, Robb DeWald, 


Meatttounstable Russell 
Eu^^HVeston Jr. charges 
mtplfu.S. Capitol 
building on July 24 and 
fatally shoots Special Agent 
John Gibson and Officer 
Jacob Chestnut. 

O A Titanic exhibit tours the U.S. featuring over 
200 artifacts and displays chronicling the fateful 
ship's maiden voyage and tragic sinking. 

C Reform Party 
candidate Jesse 
Ventura shocks 
the nation when 
he wins the race 
for governor 
of Minnesota 
in November. 
Ventura is a 
former Navy Seal, 
pro wrestler and 
action movie actor. 

[>ln September, Hurricane Georges crashes through the 
Florida Keys and Mississippi. The killer storm causes 
the largest mandatory evacuation in Florida history, and 
Mississippi victims receive over $131 million in aid. 

G In response to family pressure, DNA 
testing confirms that remains buried in 
the Tomb of the Unknowns are those of 
Michael J. Blassie, an Air Force pilot shot 
down in Vietnam. 

In summer 1998, North Texas 
temperatures exceed 100 degrees 
for 45 days. The state's heat death 
toll climbs to 132 and fires burn 
over 344,000 acres. 

AP Photo/Ruth Fremson 

X q Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay student at the 
University of Wyoming, dies five days after being 
brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime. Vigils 
in his memory are held across the country. 

In August, General Motors Corporation 
and United Auto Workers reach an 
agreement that ends an eight-week strike. 

President Clinton announces the federal 
government ends the 1998 fiscal year 
with a budget surplus of $70 billion, 
the first surplus since 1969. 

More than 280 colleges now admit 
some or all of their applicants without 
regard to SAT or ACT scores. Many 
schools say the system improves the 
academic quality and diversity of their 
student bodies. 

DNA tests determine that Rebecca 
Chittum was unknowingly switched with 
Callie Conley at a Virginia hospital after 
their births three years ago. This case 
prompts a national debate on the need 
for stricter hospital procedures. 



C NASA's Lunar Prospector finds scattered pockets of ice beneathjB 
lunar surface. The presence of water could enable astronauts to use 
the moon as a kind of space-based filling station. 

An analysis of Eastern Seaboard 
weather shows it really does rain 
more frequently on weekends than 
during the week, an average of 22 
percent more. Automobile emission 
patterns are the suspected cause of 
the phenomenon. 

O Columbia University graduate student Elizabeth 
Brannon and psychology professor Herbert 
Terrace demonstrate that monkeys can master 
simple arithmetic on at least the level of a 
two-year-old child. 

C Apple's translucent aqua -blue iMa^Brsonal 
computer, its first consumer offering in years, 
is marketed mainly for Internet usage ; 
therefore, doesn't come with a disk 
Its popularity soars and it soon be^ 
available in several other colors. 

O The comet Tempel-Tuttle causes a meteor storm when it passes by Earth. The comet 
will be visible again in fall 1999, after which it won't reappea^m another 32 years. 

3 John Glenn, 77, 
becomes the oldest 
astronaut when he 
undertakes a space 
shuttle mission in 
October, 36 years after his 
first space flight. Later, Glenn 
retires from a 24-year career in 
the U.S. Senate. 

O A computerized T-shirt, woven with fiber optics 
and electrically conducted thread, may soon 
monitor the health of soldiers, rescuers, the 
elderly and others who are medically vulnerable. 

O A study demonstrates that the more hours 
people spend on the Internet, the more 
depressed, stressed and lonely they feel. 

Michael A. Schwarz 

IHdJSDA announces 
that a 25-millisecond 
Hast of 270-degree steam 
applied to meat kills 99.99 
percent of the bacteria. 
This process follows 
the unpopular method 
of irradiation. 

O Paleontologists in Argentina discover thousands of 
shards of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Several shards 
contain the fossilized remains of unhatched 
embryos and their never-before-seen embryo skin. 

© 1998 PhotoDisc, Inc. 

The Electronic Structure 
of Atoms 

3.1 The Nature or Light And 
Emission Spectra 

3.2 The Bohr Model Of The 

3.3 The Wave M odel Of The 

C Chemistry professor 
Claude Yoder co-authors 
"Interactive Chemistry," 
a CD-ROM that uses 
animation to lead 
students through 
chemistry problems, 
eliminating the need 
for a textbook. 

Photo courtesy of the authors (C. Yoder, 0. Retterer, M. Thorasen and K. Hess) if 

C The FDA withholds 

1 ' : I 

i . Natur$>ifeJ i 

I.' 1, T R A 

St, John's Wort 

Standardized Extract 
(300 mg at .3% Hypericl 

medical approval of 
St. John's Wort, the 
popular herbal 
supplement widely 
believed to relieve 
depression. However, 
American consumer 
demand has led to 
its use in everything 
from lipstick to 
potato chips. 

AP Photo/American Museum of Natural History, L. Meeker 

C Researchers discover a gene that may cause 
the aggressive behavior of "killer bees." 
This knowledge may help tame African 
bees, whose sting has deterred beekeepers 
from tending hives. 

Duffin McGee/Reuters 

q Alan Shepard, 
the first American 

in space, dies on 
July 22 at the 
age of 74. 


Researchers reveal a 
new technique that 
determines the sex 
of a baby before 
conception. This 
technique uses a laser 
detector that measures 
the DNA in sperm cells. 

> On August 12, the $1 billion Titan 4 rocket explodes 42 seconds after 
liftoff. The rocket payload included a highly classified Defense 
Department satellite. 

Astronomers discover and photograph a 
planet outside our solar system that is 
about 450 light years away from Earth. 

Alabama hairdresser Philip McCory 
discovers that human hair soaks up oil 
from water, which prompts NASA to 
investigate ways to use human hair to 
clean oil spills. 

In August, renowned Houston heart 
surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley performs 
open-heart surgery which is broadcast 
live on the America's Health Network 
Internet web site. 

David Scott, who lost his left hand in a 
fireworks accident, receives the first 
U.S. human hand transplant in January 
1999. Scott has regained limited motion 
in his donor hand. 

© 1998 PhotoDisc, Inc. 




© Lovegety, a palm-sized matchmaking 
device, is the latest craze with Japanese 
teenagers. When it comes within 15 
feet of another Lovegety, high-pitched 
beepers go off, lights flash, and the 
"love detectors" display whether the 
users' preset interests match. It's now 
available in the U.S. 

O PlayStation's® "Crash Bandic 
supersedes its popular prede 
is Crash's sister Coco who ge 
Great Wall of China and cruii 
enemy-infested waters™ 

C Furby, the year's must-have interactive 
toy, has a vocabulary of 200 words in 
both English and its own language, 
"Furbish." Furby knows when it is 
being petted, when the lights go out, 
when music starts, and if there's 
another Furby in the room. 

O WildEyes contact lenses feature several designs, including a starburst, 
black eight ball and cat's eyes. The $165 lenses come in prescription and 
non-prescription and don't interfere with eyesight. 

© Appearing in malls 
in 33 states, job kiosks 
dispense employment 
opportunities for interested 
applicants. Job seekers enter 
their skills and ambitions and 
the machine scans its database 
for a match. 


Paul A Souders/© Corbis 

As the need for toll-free 
numbers greatly increases, 
the 887 prefix joins the 800 
and 888 prefixes already in use. 

O A sleek, redesigned version 
of the '60s Volkswagen Beetle 
enters the market. Despite 
a May 1998 recall for wiring 
problems, the New Beetle 
is wildly popular. 

© Butterflies and dragonflies are the hot 
motif in the fashion world appearing on 
everything from clothes and bags to 
hair accessories and jewelry. 


q Cargo pants invade 
stores and become 
the must-have 
piece of apparel 
I for teens across 
the nation. 

G For $20-30 a day, trained professionals at 
dog and cat day cares will play with, read 
toy feed and pamper pets in their care. 

O Pilates, a low-impact form of exercise that uses 
unique equipment and deep stretching techniques, 
becomes popular with men and women. 

Q Mr. Payroll is the first ATM that can 
cash a check - even for someone 
without a bank account. The machine 
"memorizes" facial features and 
matches them with a social security 
number to verify the user's identity. 


In hopes of reducing the divorce rate, 
the Florida legislature passes the 
nation's first law requiring that high 

seiioei students be taught marital and 
relationship skills. 

In the wake ol grim automobile 
accident statistics, California is one 
of several states to pass stricter 
teenage licensing laws. 

Spurred by fierce competition, colleges 
and universities are going online to 
offer students a new way to get an 
education. Florida State and Mew York 
University are a few jumping on board. 

O Rollerblade introduces durable, all-terrain 
in-line skates that can traverse dirt paths 
and rocky trails. The large-wheeled skates 
retail for a cool $600. 



hours a year waiting lor web pages 
to load. 

- ±n 



© NBC's "Frasier" makes history 
by winning its fifth consecutive 
outstanding comedy series 
award at the 50th annual Emmy 
Awards. Kelsey Grammer, in the 
title role, wins his third Emmy 
as best comedy actor. 

C Heartthrob George Clooney announces 1998-99 
will be his last season on NBC's award-winning 
television drama, "ER." 




■ ■^'if*!; 




O In November, ABC's "Spin City" star Michael J. 
Fox, 37, reveals he has Parkinson's disease. 
Fox underwent brain surgery in March 1998 in 
an attempt to relieve sevei^emors. 




rail Burner, a hand-held mouri 
bike racing game, uses motion 
sensors to tum corners and jump, 
hills and water pits. Crashey 
the handlebars vibrate. 


mm « * 

O Tom Hanks stars in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, 
an authentic recreation of World War H's D-Day. The film 
receives 11 Oscar nominations. 

O Mam Samite rfflfers 
in the surprisJffit The 
Waterboy, -AhiiRfeams a 
record $39.1 million in its 
November opening weekend. 


© Kalpesh Lathigra/FSP/6amma 



■ Britain's best Scrabble players commemorate the 
popular board game's 50th anniversary in October 
by playing in London's Wembley Stadium using 
letter tiles the size of dining tables. 



O Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman 
face off in a World Championship 
Wrestling tag-team match. The 
event pits Rodman and Hollywood 
Hulk Hogan against Malone and 
Diamond Dallas Page. 


Walt Disney's A 
Bujj&BMe is one of 
at le st 15 animated 
feawe films that 
will flood the 
nation's theaters in 
the next two years. 


m ^ LIT' 

a ( w9. J** "i 

AP Photo/Walt Disney, HO 

O Players of Vertical Reality, a combination video game 
and amusement ride, shoot at moving targets on a 
24-foot-tall screen and sit in chairs that rise with 
each successful hit. The winner rides to the top 
for a grand view. 

r " ■> 


O In May 1998, the much-anticipated movie Godzilla 
opens to disappointing reviews and box office 
numbers. The epic leaves theaters quickly. 


P ! 



O In June, Keiko 
arrives in his native 
Iceland to begin his 
assimilation to his 
new surroundings. 
The move concludes 
a four-year campaign 
to release the 
five-ton star of the 
movie Free Willy. 

****** m «»•*§•.. 



AP Photo/Courtesy Viewpoint Datalabs 

\ O The wildly popular stars of The WB network's 
\ "Dawson's Creek" hit the big screen, filming 
eight feature films during hiatus. Magazine 
I covers by TV Guide, Seventeen and Interview 
fuel the craze. 

The coming-of-age 
drama "Felicity" 
quickly gains 
popularity with 
teens. The WB 
show revolves 
around a young 
woman and her 

vK •'■ 

new experiences 
at college. 

A Q 


Dorothy Low/Shooting Star 

iYo Quiero 

) Bell's talking I 
becomes a favorite teen 
advertising icon and sparks a 
surge of interest in the breed. 

AP Photo/WB, James Sorenson 

Actor Rick Schroder replaces Jimmy Smits 
on ABC's "NYPD Blue." The fate of Smits' 
character in his last episode - he dies I 
when a heart transplant fails — became 
a source of nationwide speculation. 



iWegastars Brace Willis and Demi Moore 
announce their separation in June after 
almost 11 years of marriage. 

The American Film Institute rates the 
top 100 movies of the 20th century. The top 
ten include: Citizen Kane, 1941 
Casablanca, 1942 
The Godfather, 1972 
Gone With the Wind, 1939 
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 
The Wizard of Oz, 1939 
The Graduate, 1967 
On the Waterfront, 1954 
Schindler's List, 1993 
Singin'in the Rain, 1952 

Fans flock to theaters to see the two-minute 
trailer for Star Wars: Episode I - The 
Phantom Menace and many leave without 
staying to watch the main attraction. The 
prequel to the wildly popular Star Wars 
trilogy opens in May 1999. 


r^v \ I 


n-year-old Usher is named Billboard Music Awards' Artist 
of the Year and R&B Artist of the Year. Touring with Janet Jackson 
and making television and movie appearances has heightened 
Usher's popularity. 


AP Photo/Joey TetriU 

O Spice Girl Geri Hailiwell, better 
known as Ginger Spice, announces 
in May 1998 that she is leaving the 
popular group for creative reasons. 



; dancing makes 
comeback with 
elp of music from 
bands like Cheny Poppin' 
Daddies (shown) and the 
Brian Setzer Orchestra. 

O Jewel scores on two fronts. Her book of poetry, 
A Night Without Armor, makes the New York 
Times best-seller list, and her album, Spirit, is 
released in November. 

, bfr 

AP Photo/File 

C Shania Twain wins the 
Favorite Female Country 
Artist award at the American 
Music Awards and receives 
six Grammy nominations. 




Monica is the only 
artist in 1998 with two 
No. 1 hits on the 
M/foan/ Hot 100, 
including "The 
First Night" and "The 
Boy Is Mine," a duet 
she sings with Brandy 

a ' 

The popularity of 
Lauryn Hill's album 
The Miseducation 
of Lauryn Hill leads 
to 10 Grammy 
nominations, the 
most for any female 
artist in history. 
Hill kicks off a 
worldwide tour in 
January 1999. 

C Natalie Imbruglia wins Breakthrough Artist 
honors at the MTV Video Music Awards in 
September. Her album, left of the Middle, 
features hits "Tom" and "Wishing I Was There." 

AP Photo/The Hamilton Spectator, Scott Gardner 



"1 Don't Want to 
Miss a Thing," 
from the movie 
becomes the 
group's first single 
to hit No. 1 on 
the Billboard Hot 
100 charts. 

£> In November, Garth Brooks' new album Double Live enjoys 
first-day sales of over 500,000 copies, the industry's best 
one-day tally. Brooks makes special TV and Wal-Mart 
closed-circuit TV appearances to promote the release. 

AP Photo/GB Management, Jenny Yates 

Psychologists discover a connection 
between musical training and verbal 
memory. Children trained to play a musical 
instrument grow up to have 16 percent 
better word memory than other adults. 

Movie soundtracks account for nearly 
half of the Gold and Platinum certification. 
Some of the top soundtracks include 
Titanic and Return to Titanic, City of 
Angels, Armageddon, Hope Floats, 
Dr. DoolittlemA The Wedding Singer. 

Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love 
is her first studio album in eight years. 
The album includes the hit duet with 
Marian Carey entitled "When You Believe." 

Actor/rapper Will Smith wins three 
American Music Awards, including 
Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite 
Soul/R&B Album and Favorite Soul/R&B 
Male Artist. 

• II 


O Sang Lan, China's 17-year-old gymnastics champion, breaks 
two vertebrae during a vault at the Goodwill Games in July, 
leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. 

© Skiboards, short skis with twin tips that 
allow forward and backward jumping, 
debut in competition at the 1998 ESPN 
Winter X Games. 

C In March"T!f8, ESPN lauj#u- a 
large-format sports ma§8m< \ 
ESPN The Magazine, to compete 
with Sports Illustrated. 

O On January 4, 1999, Tennessee beats Florida State University 

23-16 at the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona to win the national championship. 
It is the first year of the Bowl Championship Series, created to ensure 
that the highest ranked college teams nationally meet in a bowl game. 

C's Lesle 

comes the 

man to r |H froi 
sidelines durir, 

onday Night Footbi 
the 1998 Super Bowl, the 
NCAA Final Four and NFL 

O Jeff Gordon wins the NASCAR Winston Cup 
for a second year in a row. Gordon, 27, is 
the youngest driver to win threejiinston 
Cup championships. 

© Defending champion Detroit Red Wings win the 1998 Stanley 
Cup championship, beating the Washington Capitals 4-1. 
Defenseman Vladimir Konstanfinov, severely injured in a car 
accident after last year's Stanley Cup win, joins the celebration. 

O Flamboyant sprinter Florence 
Griffith Joyner (FloJo), triple 
gold medalist at the 1988 
Olympics, dies at age 38 in her 
sleep, of suffocation during an 
epileptic seizure. 

AP Photo/Susan A. Walsh; 

In a 4-0 i^|||dgainst 
the San Diego Padres, 
the New YoncYankees 
win the 1998 World Series 
to claim their 24th 
championship. The 
Yankees' 125 total 
victories is a modern 
baseball record. 

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi 

O In July, France beats Brazil 3-0 to win its first 
World Cup soccer title. During celebrations, a 
motorist drives through the crowd on the 
Champs-Elysees and injures 60 people. 

Q On September 13, 
Sammy Sosa of the 
Chicago Cubs also 
breaks Roger Maris' 
record with his single- 
season 62nd home run. 
Sosa ends the season 
with 66 home runs. 

The defending champion 
Denver Broncos meet the 
upstart Atlanta Falcons 
at Super Bowl XXXIII in 
Miami. The Broncos 
win 34-19. 

Golfer Casey Martin, who 
suffers from a circulatory 
disorder in his right leg, 
wins a lawsuit allowing him 
to use a cart during PGA 
and Nike golf tournaments. 

(j The Chicago Bulls capture their sixth NBA 
championship by beating the Utah Jazz 
87-86 in game six. Michael Jordan earns the 
Finals MVP award. In January 1999, Jordan 
announces his retirement from the NBA 

fii after 13 seasons. 

On September 20, Cat Ripken Jr. 
ends bis 16-year streak of 2,632 
consecutive basebaii games played 
by withdrawing himself from the 
Baltimore lineup for that night. 

NBA owners impose a lockout on July 1 
that causes almost half the '98 -'99 
basketball season to be lost. The 
labor dispute is settled on January 6. 

Tennis star Pete Sampras wins his fifth 
Wimbledon title and remains the 
world's No. 1 player for a record sixth 
straight year, breaking Jimmy Connors' 
mark for consecutive seasons on top. 

The NFL season is plagued with 
controversial and incorrect calls. 
Instant replay is not reinstated, but 
coin toss procedures are implemented. 

AP Photo/Eric Risberg 

r- 1 

^ "~^JV '1 



C Miss Virginia Nicole Johnson is crowned Miss America 1999 in 
Atlantic City. The 24-year-old diabetic wears an insulin pump on 
her hip and plans to spotlight diabetes awareness during her reign. 

Fifty-six-year-old Linda McCartney, 
photographer, animal rights 
activist and wife of famed Beatle 
Paul, dies of breast cancer on 
April 17, 1998. 

AP Photo/Deb Hlfflstadt 

O Hirofumi "The Tokyo Terror" 
Nakajima (right), reigning world 
hot dog eating champion, eats 19 
hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes 
to win the annual Nathan's 
Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog 
Eating Contest. 

Seventeen-year-old Katie Hnida is 
named Chatfield Senior High School's 
Homecoming Queen as well as starting 
kicker for the varsity football team. The 
No. 1 -ranked kicker in the state of 
Colorado, Hnida hopes to play Division I 
college football next year. 

C After dropping out of the 
third grade in 1902 1 
care for her 11 younl 
siblings, retired nanny 
and housekeeper 
Eugenie Garside 
finally receives her 
high school diploma 
at age 98. 

O NBC's "NewfRadio" 
star and former 
"Saturday Night Live" 
cast member Phil 
Hartman dies from 
a gunshot wound 
inflicted by his wife 
in May 1998. 

AP Photo/NBC Photo, Dave Bjerke 

Q Beloved puppeteer Shari Lewis 
dies of cancer on August 2. 
Her creations include her 
trademark Lamb Chop, Hush 
Puppy and Charlie Horse. 

Canadian Tobin Belanger escorts a 
mannequin to his high school prom. 
He names her Jen, picks out her 
dress and corsage and arrives in 
a limousine. 

the event. Runze and Weiniick marry 
the same day. 

Olympic gold medalist 
figure skater Tara 
Lipinski takes part in 
an anti-tobacco rally 
with area school 
children on Capitol 
Hill in May 1998. The 
rally is sponsored by 
the Campaign for 
Tobacco-Free Kids. 

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AP Photo/Dennis Cook 


1 1999 Jostens Inc. 980254 (1 735) 

Dm m 

iving In 

w $m®*xs:?mm 

Student living is not always ideal. 
Whether living in the dorms or commuting 
from an apartment it can be a challenge. 
Part of the success that comes with the 
end of each year is knowing that you 
have learned a lot about yourself and the 
people around you. In the end it is the little 
things, like meeting friends for dinner at 
Bartol or making breakfast with room- 
mates, that make great memories. 






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Xf /cjo hoi^o or. interest < 
Qsr&fot , . pit us *or an tfrfformeff/ona 

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"She wanted to swim far out. where no woman had swum 
before. " 

-Kate Chopin, The Awakening 






Riding the Surf 

Simmons offers a wide variety of events 
throughout the year to keep students 
both challenged and entertained. These 
events reflect the diverse interests that lie 
within the student body. There is some- 
thing for everyone, including programs 
such as the Leadership Retreat, Family 
Weekend, and The Valentine's Ball. Each 
event plays an important role in building 
a community and creating a sense of 
pride at Simmons. 

Student Expo 

The Student Expo offers 
incoming freshman a 
great chance to see 
what organizations are 
planning for the year, 
while it offers returning 
students a time to visit 
with old friends and a 
refresher in what Sim- 
mons organizations 
have to offer. Since it 
is held every fall before 
the first week of 
classes, the weather is 
usually beautiful and 
students are excited to 
get back to school. 

Caribbean Culture Association 

Michelle Vital, Jadine Greenaway, 

and Brook Blackwell 

Assistant Director of Campus Life 
Gorgette Green-Hodnett 

A ^*K, 

Student Government Association 
Back Row: Laju, Ogedengbe, Kristie 

Kirchner, Adrienne Smith 
Front Row: Lisa Harrison, Jessica Shaw 

Senior Faculty Toast 

The Senior Faculty 
Toast is a time for the 
senior class and 
Simmons faculty to 
celebrate their ac- 
complishments and 
relax. Senior advisor 
Masato Aoki gave a 
toast to the senior class 
to celebrate their hard 
work and determina- 
tion, while Melissa 
Deasey, senior class 
president gave a 
toast to the faculty, 
thanking them for their 
time and effort. 

SCO Safe Halloween Party 

Every year Simmons 
Community Outreach, 
the College's volun- 
teer organization, hosts 
a safe Halloween 
party for inner-city 
youth. This event may 
be hosted by SCO, but 
everyone loves to get 
their organization in- 
volved. Through the 
cooperation of every- 
one involved, Simmons 
was able to offer the 
children a safe, fun 
place to be on Hallow- 
een; offering every- 
thing from games, 
dancing, face paint- 
ing, trick or treating, 
and even a haunted 

Women's Legacy Weekend 

m I * 1 ! IB 

£ 2* A*** ^^L . 

Women's Legacy 
Weekend has always 
been a time for the 
senior class to pay trib- 
ute to the women who 
have made a differ- 
ence in their lives. This 
year, however, the 
senior class was 
suprised to find that 
they were also being 
recognized for their 
strengths by the 
women in their lives. 

Gala Week 

GALA stands for the Gay and Les- 
bian Awareness Committee, that 
was created by Simmons Faculty 
and Staff twelve years ago in order 
to facilitate programming around 
issues of sexuality, and elimination 
of homophobia on campus. 

Along with creating do- 
mestic partner benefits 
for faculty and staff, and 
the Safe Zone Program, 
they also sponsor Gala 
Week every October. 

This year, events included 
"Sex & God?", a panel dis- 
cussion sponsored by the 
Departments of Philosophy 
and Women's Studies. There 
was also a performance of 
"Motherson" by playwright 
and actor Jeff Solomon. 

*1* " 

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./ % .. V 

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^1 1^- 

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I" r 

;: lllilf I;""- : :idlJsllli i - .:-:mm 

y ' m$m&\.. . ^'-mm . 


"She was greatly dissapointed to find that it did not look like her. 
But it was a fair enough piece of work, and in many respects satisfying. 

Kate Chopin, the Awakening 

Fish Out of Water 

Simmons is not always the serious institu- 
tion that we'd like to have you think it is. 
Sometimes things can get a little crazy. 
These are the experiences that could 
never be graded, yet are just as impor- 
tant to a Simmons education as the 
classes we take. 




"As she sworn she seemed to be reoching out for the unlimited in 
which to lose herself. " 

-Kote Chopin, The Awokening 

reaking the Waves 

What can we say - without them 
Simmons wouldn't be what it is! 
Simmons Faculty and Staff are always 
willing to help, explain, or just listen. 
They are readily available, friendly, 
and of course, brilliant! It can't be 
said enough - Thank You! 

A Letter from the President of the College 

The Class of 1999 is very special indeed. In addition to the many ac- 
complishments of it's members, this is the College's Centennial class I 
because its Commencement coincides with the start of the Simmons 
Centennial celebrations. Not for another century will there be another 
Centennial class! 

What does it mean to graduate in the College's Centennial year? It I 
means many things, but most important is the fact that the Class of j 
1999 carries forward a long, distinguished tradition established by Sim- 
mons alumnae over the past 100 years. Your graduation adds one 
more strong link to the chain forged by the accomplishments of Sim- I 
mons women before you. As you enter the world outside Simmons, you 
will be helped immeasurably by the reputation and accomplishments 
of those earlier graduates. They have paved the way for you, just as I 
you and your careers will help Simmons graduates who follow you. 

I am both proud and fond of students in the class of '99. Many of us 
entered Simmons together in late summer, 1995 - you as first-year stu- 
dents and me as the College's interim president. I will be delighted to 
hand diplomas to the first graduating class which I have known for all 
four years. I always will remember the Class of '99. I 

Members of the faculty as well as our staff and administrators join me in 
congratulating you. We look forward to; applauding your success after 
Simmons, keeping in touch, and welcoming you back to Reunion. Until 
then, best of luck to the Class of '99. ] 

With warm regards, j 

Daniel S. Cheever, Jr. 

Office of the President 

Back Row: Caroline Considine, Daniel Cheever, Jr. 
Front Row: Judy Littlejohn, Gretchen Saalbach 


Office of the Dean of the College 

Back Row: Diane Arstrong, Karen Talentino, Chester Haskell, Darren Evans 
Front Row: Roslyn Taylor, Karen Britton, Jean Chaput Welch 


Office of the Dean of Student Life 

Back Row: Mike Hunter Front Row: (left to right) Ellen Donovan, 
Hilda Hemandez-Gravelle, Sarah Neill, Sheila Murphy 

Career Education Center 

Renisha Nelson 
Theresa Harrington 
Elaine Goldman 
Andy Petigny 
Meri Cayem 

Alumnae/Alumni Relations 

Alcurtis Clark, Emily Chapman, Susan Peecher, Julia Westgate 

Career Resource Library 

Granna Gifford and Denise Davis 

Counseling Center 

Dr. Jonathon Ehrenworth and Dr. Louise Christian 

English Department 

Bock Row: Douglas Perry, Jr., Lowry Pel Michael Weaver, William Manly 
Front Row: Richard Wollman, Jill Teitelman, David Gullette, Pamela Bromberg 

History Department 

Zhigang Liu, Keith Gorman, Laura Prieto, Catherine Allgor, Marie McHugh 

Management Department 

Back Row: Bruce Warren, Patricia Clarke, Marlyn Mackey Gillis, Ron Harding 
Front Row: Bonita Betters-Reed, Lynda Moore, Karen Sadowski 

Mathematics and Computer Science Department 

Robert Goldman, Bruce Tis, Donna Beers, David Browder, Margaret Menzin 

Nutrition Department 

Patrick Healy, Janet Lacey, Nancie Herbold, Diane Lynch 

Psychology Department 

David Bennet, Diane Coulopulos, Barbara Gentile, Donna Podorefsky, 

Diane Robbins, Geoffrey Turner 

Student Activities 

Todd Bouffard, Kristie Kay Kirchner, Sharon Lang, Janice Brown 

"At a very early period she had apprehended instinctively the dual 
life-that outward existance which conforms, the inward life which 

-Kate Chopin, The Awaking 


Making Waves 

One of the greatest aspects of Simmons 
is that there's so much to get involved in 
beyond classes. Student organizations 
and athletic teams offer a way for students 
with common interests and visions to work 
together. A special "thank you" goes out 
to every student who put in endless hours 
with Simmons organizations. Life is busy 
enough without adding extra obligations, 
and you don't often get the credit you 
deserve. Your motivation makes Simmons 
a great place to be! 


Simmons Community Outreach 

Student Government Association 

Black Student Organization 


nization Latinoamericana 

Asian Student Association 


Catholic Student Association 


-' *» . W S 1 iV 

Campus Crusade for Christ 

Betsy's Friends 

Feminist Union 

Outing Club 



Model UN 

Republican Association 

Women's Center 

Phone Program 

Chemistry Liaison 

Economics Liaison 

Education Liaison 

Math/Computer Science Liaison 

Nursing Liaison 

Nutrition Liaison 

Physical Therapy Liaison 

Psychology Liaison 

Sports Teams 


Field Hockey 




Swimmimg and Diving